Special offer



special lease offer

5% discount on car leasing

4% plus to current account interest rate in UAH


Special offer

for entrepreneurs and enterprises in Ukraine

of Alfa-Leasing, Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Alfa Insurance.


An unique opportunity to advantageously buy motor cars and commercial vehicles from Alfa-Leasing, insure on favorable conditions in Alfa Insurance and get a bonus of Alfa-Bank Ukraine.


  Late autumn and early winter is the best time for small and medium enterprises to upgrade their car fleets. The availability of leasing programs is growing: requirements for lessees are being simplified, down payment is decreasing.

Taking into consideration current economic situation and forecasts, we shouldn't expect price reduction. The price will only grow next year. As a result, lease payment may even be less than the difference in price of the same unit, if the entrepreneur will postpone the purchase six months or a year. Besides, car dealers update their warehouses before the end of the year and during this period we should expect maximum discounts.

So, now is the most opportune time to purchase cars on lease.  

Олег Кулиба

Oleh Kuliba, director of Alfa-Leasing

What do we offer:

up to 5% discount from car dealer price when buying a car on lease

additional 4% to the current interest rate on current account in UAH with Alfa-Bank

from 2% CASCO

Advantages of Alfa-Leasing:


Purchasing car on lease is easy!

Provide us a minimum set of documents

Get prompt decision on leasing  

Open a current account with Alfa-Bank

Get registered and insured car!

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