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How you can buy vehicle or the whole fleet of vehicles or agricultural machines without the necessary amount of money? Bank loan is no longer the best way out as it has too many bureaucratic obstacles, such as an income statement for individuals and a stable profit for enterprises.

Leasing has become the most successful alternative to loans, savings and bills of debt, because it gives an opportunity to quickly achieve your goals without capital investment and excess paperwork.

Alfa-Leasing offers its services to individuals and companies. We provide our clients a firm guarantee of comfortable terms and conditions and formalization of the necessary documents on a tight timetable.


Are you still thinking over the way you can quickly and advantageously get vehicles or equipment at your disposal? Don’t leave until later! Contact us to enjoy advantages of our leasing services shortly.

Advantages of leasing:

  • Easier than loan - simply select the object of leasing and provide documents
  • Feasible payments after which the lease object become your property
  • Funds remain in circulation and the asset immediately works for you
  • It reduces risks related to asset possession

Why Alfa-Leasing:

  • Minimum documents - only the most necessary
  • Operational decisions - we value our customers' time
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial relationship - we feel responsibility for our activity
  • Considering the needs and wishes of each client - we are ready for individual solutions
  • Transparency - we guarantee transparency at each stage of cooperation
  • Professionalism - we will find you the best option of leasing and other services